Here at United Combat we specialise in Kids and Teens progams. We believe in making a safe and fun environment that all can feel a part of and thrive off the atmosphere. Adam, our head coach and professional boxer wishes to use his influence within the Boxing industry to impact young lives and teach them how to be disciplined and athletic in this incredible sport.


With 12 years experience as an amateur, pro and coach- Adam has the knowledge and drive to make anyone a champion. The biggest element that our Kids and Teens take from our program is the ability to be coordinated, confident and disciplined. All of which are important factors and will carry them through in any other sport they might play.


Please note we are fully aware of the dangers involved and enforce that the skills we teach are to be kept in the ring and as self defence. We make a point of sitting our fighters down and discussing values such as family and loved ones. We also support and campaign against domestic abuse and bullying of ALL kinds. We hope that what we do here will influence these aspiring young  athletes into making better life choices.

Another value that we entrench into our students is NO VIOLENCE against women, we do this by teaching our male students respet for women, promoting our female students to have respect for themselves, and above all that no woman should have to suffer from abuse.