Kids Ages 5-9

Teens Ages 10-14

KIDS Classes

This class is a program designed to introduce kids to the technique and fitness of Boxing, whilst creaating a fun and friendly atmosphere that all can thrive in.

Teens Classes

The Teens class is much more challenging were we really start to take their boxing skills further, where they will will see improvements in fitness and technique.

Holiday Program

Our holiday programs go for 5 hours and include:

- 2 training sessions

- Food and healthy snacks

- Entertainment

- Movie

- Motivation & discipline talk


What we do

Would you like your child to be trained by the current victorian welter weight champion? 

We offer kids and teens from the ages of 5-16 a unique sport where they can feel safe in a fun environment and gain invaluable skills such as self defence , coordination and confidence.

WHat you need to do

Decide which of the following options suits you best- We offer 1 on 1 sessions as well as the scheduled group classes.  Please come wearing appropriate gym gear, if you have your own gloves, bring them along! We can provide the rest.